About the City Suites and Customer Charter

Our promise to you

Quality and Comfort

The City Suites was set up to offer customers the best price and service for serviced apartments throughout the UK. It was acknowledged that there were many agents working with hotels but serviced apartments were merely left out or left to be advertised as a hotel. We felt although the concept is similar in the case that you have somewhere to sleep, a serviced apartment offers far more space and flexibility and is perfect for a longer-term guest travelling with a family or a corporate customer looking for workspace.

Our Mission

We share a passion for excellence. Our mission is to consistently exceed our Customers’ expectations with quality of service. We aim to continue being leading serviced apartments and are proud of our committed team who will be at your services with a caring attitude and attention to detail to make you feel truly at home.

Core Values



Our service quality standards are high and aimed at ensuring the guest’s satisfaction.


Our team is committed to looking after our guests’ wellbeing. Reception is open 9am to 5pm and we offer an emergency service phone line 0771 9955 668 which is available after 5pm. We ensure everything is perfect for your arrival!


We are proud to welcome international guest from all over the world all year long.


We strive to act in a manner that builds trust with our guests. We are transparent and open with customers.


We aim to achieve excellence in all our activities. We work hard to provide a wonderful environment for your enjoyment, and ensure a quality product and the best deal for the customer at all times.


We provide modern facilities. Our refined two and three bedroom apartments are the best choice for families with kids, business travellers and couple.


We are constantly adding value to our apartments. From modern decoration to technology, we aim to be innovative and creative when designing our spaces especially for your comfort.

Focus on Future

We are continuously upgrading our systems and digital devices. We believe the future lies on digital evolution and we accept the challenge to become better and more efficient.


We believe in relationships therefore guest engagement is of great importance to us. We strive to keep in touch with our customer and share all relevant information about our services and activities in order to promote honesty and loyalty.


We make sure you have available and in your possession all relevant information regarding your booking and staying. Additional to the information you can find on our website, or at reception, we provide a Welcome Book, where you can learn about the functionalities of your apartment and other supplementary services we offer.


We set ourselves high standards. We will always seek improvement, provide solutions to our customers and make available our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Special Requests

We offer a range of special services tailored to suit your specific needs and meet any individual requests when possible.

Data Protection

We would like to keep you informed about promotional events, products and services we offer by email, post or phone. Please notify us if you do not wish to receive this information. We do not share any customer information with third parties.


We operate and publish an Ethical Policy. We are ethical in our dealings with our customers, our team and suppliers and take corporate responsibility seriously.

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