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I want to make a booking — how do I go about that?

Simply go to the homepage of The City Suites, choose the destination from our location list, the dates and the size of the apartments you would like to stay in and click on Check Availability. You will be transferred to a secure booking page. If the selected apartments are free, you are ready to make a booking with your bank card.

Alternatively, you can read about each of the apartments by selecting one of the locations from the About The City Suites menu on top. Currently we have available apartments in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

I have a few questions to ask before I place my booking — who do I ask?

Simply fill out an enquiry form below and you’ll receive a prompt reply.

How do we check in?

Each branch is different. Some have physical receptions and others do not. Either way ensure we have your direct contact number so that we can communicate with you. If you have booked through an online travel agent they may not provide us with your details so it’s important that we have the correct information for you. Just send us an email to (or contact via the form below) with any concerns and we’ll rectify that for you.

Is there a time limit to checking in?

Each location (and sometimes apartment) is different. Check the checking-in time on our pages for serviced apartments in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Are there any restrictions that would prevent us from being permitted entry?

It’s unusual but we reserve the right to refuse anyone. It’s not common but if we feel that you may be hosting a social gathering then we will cancel the booking or ask for a deposit.

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