Summer Bliss at The City Suites

Summer at the harbour is always a happy one.

From spending a joyful evening at the port exploring the many shops including a top reviewed restaurant with exquisite food at The Loch Fyne. A top- quality dinner and a wonderful stay in our modern apartments at The City Suites in Edinburgh, what’s better than that?


You can find the most amazing activities at Western Harbour. For a romantic getaway you can choose to go onboard of The Royal Yacht Britannia, where you can enjoy a dinner full of romance and majestic views. For your family, think fun! The exciting Ocean Terminal will offer amazing and spacious movie rooms for you to catch up on the most thrilling movies.

Visiting Edinburgh is a unique experience, which everyone should have at least once in their life time. It is one of the most intriguing and fascinating cities in the world. From medieval sites mixed with contemporary influence, to relaxing sea views and fresh coastal bliss. The City Suites are proud to accommodate the perfect home environment especially for our guests to enjoy the best of this beautiful Scottish city that is Edinburgh.

The City Suites invites you in this unforgettable experience of getting to know the Capital of Scotland while enjoying its calm and relaxing side next to the smooth waves gently collapsing on the waterfront.

So, come along to The City Suites during summer and dare to experience Edinburgh to the fullest.

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